International Partnerships 

The AGC currently has partnerships in:

By choice the AGC does not have its own foreign mission program but rather the AGC in Canada does support the work of all faith mission agencies around the world. AGC churches are free to choose which agencies they will work with to accomplish God's Mission and Mandate and they do so in abundance.

In addition, the AGC has helped to build a network of AGC Church Associations around the world. This fraternity of associations share a common constitution, governance style, statement of faith and vision and values. In addition, all training workbooks and ministry manuals are available to these associations at no cost. In essence it is a ministry in which we encourage independent churches around the world to establish themselves to be "Movements of Healthy Reproducing Churches" by combining forces and eliminating competitive attitudes that disrupt.

Why Get Involved in International Initiatives?

The AGC in Canada is assisting independent churches in other countries form Associations in their own country based on what we have found to be sound principles of operation. The goal is to bring blessings to the Church in that country and to also bring Glory to God by encouraging mutual caring and sharing of churches and bring health to the Kingdom of God in other countries.

It is not our desire to ever have any legal relationships with these other Associations nor do we believe that any kind of co-dependence is healthy for these Associations of Gospel Churches. This has always meant that we do not fund any work in other countries, rather we encourage these Associations of Gospel Churches to be totally independent financially and in governance.

The drive behind our interest in helping independent churches in other countries become  associations that are “healthy reproducing churches” comes from the reality that the AGC is made up of many (ten to be exact) distinct languages and cultures that still have a very strong connection to their home countries. As these relationships grow, the development of fraternity associations also grows.

Our Desire:

When AGC churches are moved by God to get involved in working with one of the International Associations listed below, we can help them accomplish this desire. Since we do not have a Missions department the AGC National Board has entered into strategic partnerships with several Canadian Missions that specialize in helping churches in each of the countries with which we are affiliated.

International Opportunities to date:

AGC of Haiti 

The AGC has ties to Haiti through our Haitian Congregations in Canada. AGC of Haiti is under the direction of President Rev Robert Pyram of L'Eglise Evangelique Des Temoins de Jesus, Port au Prince Haiti. Following the earthquake of January 2010 most of these churches were devastated. AGC Canada churches sent immediate relief to Haiti through World Relief. Since that time, through the generosity of AGC churches, we have had the privilege of sending nearly $80,000 to Haiti to aid in the rebuilding of churches, medical clinics and schools. The rebuilding Project is handled directly through the AGC National office.

AGC in Democratic Republic of Congo

Calvary Gospel Church (AGC) in Beamsville ON has a ministry arm that develops churches around the world. They also have Congolese membership and one of these, Pastor Leonard Lwesso, planted a church, with Calvary’s blessings, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is set up exactly like Calvary Gospel Church in Beamsville and the church helps to support the work in the Congo. This church is now reaching out and has made a circle of like minded churches in the region. Through Assist Canada and the hard work of Calvary Gospel Church, there is now a cluster of nine AGC (Calvary) Churches in the city of Lubumbashi. The great need is for bibles, commentaries, training materials and pastoral support.

AGC in Kenya 

This relationship was developed through Pastor Raj Sandhu of Meadow Creek Community Church (AGC) in Hamilton Ontario. Meadow Creek had been supporting a young church planter in the Riff Valley region of western Kenya. As this church developed, our relationship was growing with Pastor John Juma of Mombasa. In 2011 Raj and Bill Fietje went for two weeks to Kenya to hold meetings and strengthen the relationship. As a result AGC Kenya is now fully registered in Kenya as a church charity and operates under the International Teams Kenya division called PACE Kenya. This has proved to be a wonderful relationship and has grown to over 150 churches to date in four regions of Kenya.

Together with PACE we have agreed to get involved whenever possible with three main initiatives in Kenya.

  1. The support of the AGC Executive Director for living and ministry needs, roughly $600/month
  2. The establishment of of Pan Africa Schools of Theology (PAST), one in Mombasa and one in Nairobi, to educate and train AGC pastors ($10,000)
  3. The tuition and living support of Kenyan pastors serving in AGC Kenya churches ($200/mth of school)

As a National body we have not committed AGC funds to these projects but if individuals or individual  AGC churches in Canada wish to partner with AGC Kenya they can do so by contacting International Teams Canada directly.

AGC in India

We are at the very beginning of this new and very exciting International strategic alliance as an Association. We are working directly with the top leadership of both Good Shepherd Churches in India (3500 churches so far) and the Dalit Freedom Network. This network is looking to partner with AGC churches to help train pastors, sponsor children to go to schools and medical clinics for some of India's poorest peoples. God is doing a marvelous work among the nearly 300 million untouchables in India called Dalit. The word Dalit refers to slaves or servants and we are working with DFN to introduce these severally marginalized peoples to the great Servant, the Lord Jesus. Tens of thousands of Dalits are turning to Christ as they long for freedom and new life.

If you are interested in helping or getting involved in any of these International Opportunities, please connect with the Strategic Alliances Mission Agency listed below

Haiti: AGC National Office

Congo: Assist Canada

Kenya: International Teams

India: Dalit Freedom Network