Our Ends

Three Commissions

working in concert toward

One Vision


The vision of the AGC is to be a movement of healthy, reproducing churches.  To accomplish this vision, we have adopted a structure that includes the following three commissions:

Doctrine and Credentials Commission

Church Health and Leadership Commission

Church Reproduction Commission

Each of these commissions has been established at both the National and Regional levels (i.e. Canada East and Canada West).  Nationally, each consists of a National Chairman along with the regional Chairmen.  For example: the National Doctrine and Credentials Commission consists of a National Chairman of Doctrine and Credentials, the Chairman of the Canada East Doctrine and Credentials, and the Chairman of the Canada West Doctrine and Credentials.  The synergy between the commissions at both national and regional levels is absolutely essential.

The regional commissions consist of a chairman of the commission and commission members.  The number of members is determined by a desire to remain effective/efficient and the availability of qualified, interested individuals.  All members of the commissions are volunteers.

The genius of this structure as it relates to our vision can be seen in the linear rationale associated with each of these three commissions: