Compassion and Justice

Compassion and Justice will work to encourage believers in Jesus:

1. to have a heart for the forcibly displaced.

2. to live with a clear and focused vision of how God would have us help.


This initiative was birthed from a deep compassion to address the heart-wrenching plight of the refugees and forcibly displaced in our world today. The crisis was made clear to those of us in North America in September 2015 when Syrians & others risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea died in their efforts to find freedom. Our Refugee Sponsorship Initiative has been the framework to resource our AGC churches in their efforts to sponsor refugee families from many parts of the world, enabling these individuals who have lost so much to begin a new life in Canada, free from the ravages of war, persecution and atrocities that too many have experienced.

To learn more, read President Bill Allan's blog on this subject. 


Please click on this link to visit the AGC Refugee Sponsorship Initiative website.