Doctrine and Credentials/Theological Reflection

The purpose of the Doctrine and Credentials End is to assist our member churches in identifying “healthy” pastoral leadership by overseeing a credentialing process that includes an examination of conversion, call to ministry, philosophy of ministry, knowledge of the Scriptures, defence of the AGC Statement of Faith, and understanding of contemporary theological issues.  This End exists to protect and promote biblical and theological integrity. Healthy churches require “healthy” pastoral leadership.


Theological Reflection has been included as part of the Doctrine & Credentials End and is a term that describes the priority of the AGC to be proactively engaged in interacting with current theological trends and evaluating their impact on our family of AGC Churches. Research is conducted through appoint task force groups to address any theological issues. These issues can then be highlighted to all the AGC churches through the development of position papers. Any doctrinal or theological issue will be coordinated through the National Coordinator of Doctrine and Credentials.