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Posted by donna on November 1, 2017

they left their nets.jpgOne of the reasons I have grown to love the book 4 Chair Discipling is because of the mental picture it portrays.  I am a visual learner, and so, when I have a picture it just speeds up the learning process and helps me to work better with the people in my sphere of influence.

As a pastor, I desire to see people in the church grow spiritually.   4 Chair Discipling is a tool that can help with that process.  First, we bring people in through the first chair invitation of “Come and See” (John 1:39.) This is such an exciting part of the process and our churches should always have individuals who are seeking the purpose or meaning of life. 

It is my personal conviction that most evangelical churches in Canada have people who made it to chair two, but then, for whatever reason, haven’t moved on to chair three and four.  I don’t have any data to support this statement other than personal experience.   I am more than willing to be proved wrong in this conviction. 

Chair two clearly calls us to a commitment.  Jesus sets the example (John 1:43), as He invited people to follow Him in many of the gospel accounts.  When we think of the many situations where people come to faith we can rejoice; camps, friendships, books, the internet, evangelistic church services, Sunday School and the list could go on.  This is great and we need to celebrate the creativity of our Saviour as He is clearly still in the business of calling people to follow Him.  However, as I travel and engage with pastors, many of them share with me their desire to see this happen with more frequency.  Our faith calls us to think as well as act in obedience to our Saviour.  So, regarding discipling, I believe 4 Chair Discipling will help us on both accounts.  It challenges us to think about where people under our care are spiritually, and then provides us with an action plan to move ahead. 

On Thanksgiving weekend, my Pastor, Phil Collins, called people to move to chair two discipling as he closed off the service.  His connection was clearly that this would be the most significant Thanksgiving a person would ever experience if they trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and followed Him. 

As we chatted, he shared with me his belief that we don’t put enough emphasis on the command to go and invite people to follow Jesus as John 1:43 illustrates.  He has developed the “Pursuit School of Evangelism” which focuses on teaching/training people to be evangelists.  The school started this fall, with 11 fulltime students.  It is open to students from any church in Canada who long to see their gift of evangelism developed fully.  I am excited to see where this goes.  I love seeing people responding obediently to the command of the Great Commission.  I’m sure that you share in this passion.

Let’s continue to put our heads together and think about our faith in ways that lead us to be obedient.  I have simply shared one idea that started with my pastor.  Let’s be a movement of healthy reproducing churches.  This little book 4 Chair Discipling can help us fulfill our vision.

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Russ Wilson
Canada West Superintendent

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