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Posted by donna on October 3, 2017

4 chairs.pngOne of the occupational hazards faced by many pastors and ministry leaders is the few unbelievers with whom we spend time or have a personal relationship.  If we expect to convince those we lead of their need to invest in “Chair 1” people, which are those who do not yet know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, then we need to lead them by modeling such relationships.  Working primarily with already churched people does not excuse us from evangelistic relationships with those who are not yet Christ followers.

Have we ever considered the spiritual status of Jesus’ original disciples when they first connected with Him?  Were they “believers”, as we might define that term, when they first inquired curiously about Him, as recorded in John 1:39ff?  Initially, Jesus invited them to “Come and see.”  They were only curious inquirers who later became believers.  In time, they became committed followers.

Making disciples, as we are commanded by Jesus to do, is a process that begins with influencing those who are curious about God, those who are open to considering how He can be known through His Son, Jesus (“Chair 1” people).

If there is a notable deficiency of these kinds of curious inquirers and seekers in our lives, what might we do to develop relationships with them?  Let me make some suggestions gained from my own experience:

  • Start with prayer, asking God to direct people our way, some of whom are already in our lives, such as unbelieving family or neighbors.  Be aware of new acquaintances that enter our sphere of influence.
  • Prayerfully consider those who may be drawn to us and invite them to get together and share in a commonly enjoyed outing, such as a BBQ or a game.
  • Learn and practice creative ways to share the Gospel as the opportunity presents itself.  We may want to include a simple Gospel presentation in our preaching … it’s a safe assumption that not everyone in our church is a committed follower of Jesus.
  • Anticipate and pray that God’s Spirit will use us to influence and introduce others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Don’t hesitate to share some of the struggles we share as fellow disciple-makers with those we lead.

Spending time with the curious and the unconvinced can be a breath of fresh air after all the time we spend with churched people (no offense intended).

Together with you in being a disciple and in making disciples for Jesus,

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Lorne Meisner

AGC Canada West Associate Superintendent

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