Posted by donna on June 30, 2016


Many of us in the AGC family are still basking in the memories of our wonderful "Run the Race" Conference in beautiful Banff, Alberta. A record number of delegates, pastors and their spouses came to our AGC National Conference. The challenge to run the Christian race reached home through the inspiring messages of our theme speaker, Tim Schroeder. You can find all of Tim's messages in video and audio form at this link.

During the month of April, Tim’s church in Kelowna had a series of messages based on the theme Encountering God.  At the close of that series Tim told me that he felt God urging him to give an appeal for people to accept Christ as their Saviour. I think for many of us, these revival type calls to step out have become a relic of history and this is likely to our shame. Tim said that when the invitation was given, thirty-eight people came forward to accept Christ.

This makes me wonder how often we neglect to give the challenge to step out in faith. I know we want to avoid the excesses of the past, but maybe that isn’t our responsibility.

I’m sure that many of us reading this blog who would love to see scores of people make commitments to follow Jesus, albeit well informed ones.

This Fall, I would like to do a series of blogs on the issue of Evangelism in the Church. I would love to hear your stories and insights into this great need in the Church today.  Please send me a line or two.



Willem Fietje
AGC President

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