Finding Grace at the Bottom

Posted by donna on February 5, 2019

homeless.jpgThose caught in addictive behaviours, be it drugs, alcohol, sex or even prosperity and materialism, often fail to see the destructiveness of that lifestyle until it is too late. It deeply impacts not only them, but those around them. What happens when you hit rock bottom, when you can’t fall any further?

“. . . and there he squandered his property in reckless living . . . and he began to be in need . . .. And he was longing to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs ate, but no one gave him anything. But when he came to himself . . . I will arise and go to my father.” (Luke 15:13-18)

Jesus tells this parable in such a powerful way.  It aptly describes how many people live today.  People are living without hope, without thought beyond the moment.  They are living for themselves, for the next experience which will bring temporary pleasure. But what happens when you hit rock bottom, when you can’t fall any further? Jesus tells us that the prodigal son “came to himself.” He returned to his right mind, with clear thinking. He recognized his predicament. Other versions say that he “came to his senses.” It’s a phrase often applied to someone who was once deranged and unable to think clearly, and then returns to saner thoughts. The son realized he could fall no further, he was without hope and was reduced to despair even to the point of longing for the food that the pigs were eating. It was then that his thoughts turned to home and the Father.

For many today the results of poor choices, unwise living and longing for the pleasures of this world lead to despair and hopelessness. The next logical step, humanly speaking, is suicide, putting an end to it all. However, this is where GRACE comes in. There is a way back, to home, to the Father. Grace is an open door that allows even the vilest of offenders to be restored as a son, as a daughter, as belonging to the Father.

The hope of grace is that there is a way home. The door is open to everyone. The beauty of the parable of the prodigal son is that grace does not begin with his realization of his error, or even his returning to his right mind. Grace began with the Father, long before we began our personal descent into sin. That open door is the Gospel. We are often blinded by the pleasures of this life and sometimes only see this when we hit rock bottom. And often, it is at the bottom that we find grace.

Looking for grace always,

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Bill Allan

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