Hello AGC Family

Posted by donna on June 14, 2018

Bill and Michele June 2018.jpgThe word “hello” has a welcoming ring to it. It opens doors, builds relationships and offers encouragement. It’s an expression of joy and gladness.  It has the power to overcome suspicion and make the stranger feel accepted and valued. We use it when meeting someone for the first time. It’s a friendly greeting, which allows an opportunity to engage on a personal level. We also use it when reconnecting with old friends, those we haven’t seen in a while. Michele and I wish to say “Hello AGC Family! We always love to make new friends and reconnect with old, some of whom we spent many years serving alongside in Peru and in mission leadership in Canada.

Our National Conference was a great time for us to reconnect with one another and rejoice together in what God is doing through our various church ministries and new church plants. It was an opportunity to make new friends and rejoice with old ones. It was also a time to look back at God’s faithfulness.  We gave thanks for the leadership of Willem & Lois, their many years of faithful service and the example they have left for us as we continue the journey.

Abide logo - final - web.jpgOur conference theme of “Abide” (John 15:5), so thoughtfully unpacked by Dr. Rick Reed, reminded us of the joy we have in relationship with Jesus and with one another. It is a truth we need to understand and practice.  As we abide in Jesus and fellowship with one another, we reflect the love of Jesus to a lost world looking for hope. We have a great challenge before us. The world is changing, our country is changing and many are looking for answers. All it takes is a simple word, “hello” to start a conversation that could make an eternal difference in someone’s life.  Perhaps “hello” will lead to the words … welcome to the family!

Michele and I look forward to the challenge ahead, as an AGC family together, we abide in Jesus, enjoying one another in community, as we reflect the love of Jesus to the world. 


Bill & Michele Allan

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