Our Guiding Light

Posted by donna on December 6, 2018

Christmas.PNGOne of the Christmas traditions I enjoy is trimming the tree. For many, its a time to find the biggest and tallest tree they can reasonably cram into their home. The task almost always includes the “trimming” – that is, cutting off the top or bottom so the tree will fit into its assigned place. 

Many people now use artificial Christmas trees, so I’m not sure where the actual “trimming” part comes into play. I have learned that the “trimming” has come to mean the decorating of the tree. Generally, I “supervise” (stay out of the way) while Michele does the “trimming. 

We incorporate many symbols in decorating our tree which help us remember why we are celebrating. It’s not about the tree, its size, shape, colour, smell or even the decorations. It’s about the message of Christmas. I think that is why we save the star until the very end. 

We put a star on top of the tree to remind us that we have a guiding light. Two thousand years ago, it was a star that led the wise men from the east to someone extraordinary – the Child who would become our guiding light for all time. 

We often become dazzled by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.  Yet, there is something more – there is a star on top. In a world filled with many lights, most of them false and confusing, we need to remember that on top of everything we still see the star. It points to Jesus and He is our guiding light. 

One of my favourite Christmas carols is We Three Kings. The chorus says; 

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to Thy perfect light 

The star was not and is not to be worshipped. It was not the star that was able to atone for our sins and save us. The star was a symbol that guided those long ago to the real Light, that perfect Light  Jesus! 

In today’s world we are inundated with lightMany lights block out the true Light or create a false light and countless people fail to see the true Light that can change their hearts.  Yet, that true Light still shines and brings light and hope to those in darkness. 

As you take time to celebrate the true Light this Christmas season, may you be filled with awe.  As those who followed that first Christmas star to the source of true and perfect Light, may we too not only follow, but point others to the Light. 

That light still shines in the darkness, His name is Immanuel, God with us.  

Merry Christmas, 


Bill Allan
AGC President              

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