A Passion for the Project

Posted by donna on December 30, 2015

Capture.PNGThe AGC's compelling Vision is: "To be a movement of healthy reproducing churches."

Chuck Swindoll focused in on the book of Nehemiah while writing "7 Building Blocks for Leaders". The first or foundational "block" is what he has called a passion for the project. I call this the desire to keep the main thing the main thing.

Leaders and projects that begin well often fail, not because of external resources but because of internal deficiencies. Specifically, I mean that the passion or desire to see the project completed dies a slow death.

Swindoll writes, "Passion includes vision, enthusiasm, drive, determination, creative dreams and innovative ideas." I like that. Yet, it often isn't enthusiasm that dies first, rather, it is vision. Great dreams fail when we take our eyes off the vision and when we lose our passion. At times, this passion is replaced by other necessary projects and demands. Whatever the reason, the end result is that the vision never gets completed and the dream is soon forgotten.

Leaders need to remind themselves of why they exist and what it is they are seeking to accomplish. They must always keep the vision before themselves and fresh in the hearts and minds of the team that they are leading.

As we enter a whole new year of opportunities with the demands that will come, I would encourage us all to keep our eye on ... the Big Picture; the Main Thing; the Driving Passion; the Compelling Vision.

With God's help and power we will move ever closer to seeing the ‘Vision’ become a ‘Reality.


Willem Fietje

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