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Called to Jesus, not a cause

Posted by admin on May 25, 2015

Lake Minneowanks.jpgHaving just returned from an amazing Canada West Conference in Black Diamond, AB, I have been reflecting on the topic of discipleship.  Before I share my thoughts from the Gospel of Mark, I would like to first express my sincere and deepest appreciation to Canada West Superintendent, Russ Wilson, Pastor Matt Martens and the entire Conference planning team.  Thanks also to the Worship teams and all the volunteers in Black Diamond who made our AGC West Conference, ‘Unashamed’’, such a tremendous success.  Our key note speakers, Tim & Lynn Seim (EFCC Prairie District Superintendent) and Sid Koop (Truth Matters Ministries), ministered to us and impacted our lives with truth from God’s Word.  The messages from Sid Koop can be downloaded here

Now my thoughts on discipleship,

“Then He (Jesus) called the crowd to Him along with His disciples, and said: ‘If anyone would come after Me he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.’” Mark 8:34

If there is one pressing need in the Evangelical Church today it is one of 'making disciples.' Yet, far too often we call people to follow a Jesus who demands so little of us. In Mark 8:34 we see the Lord calling people to radical, all in, no holds barred discipleship. It begins with self denial and ends in death ... bearing our cross. There is no easy ‘believism' in true Christianity, yet we see it all around us. People must be called to Jesus, not simply to church. We must call people to Jesus, not just to faith. People need to be called to Jesus, not simply a cause. Notice, we do not do the calling ... Jesus calls the lost through us. Let's be very clear about the kind of gospel we call people to. This is of upmost importance as it will determine one’s eternal state and is reflective of the present health of God's evangelical Church.

Willem Fietje