Run the Race - For His Glory

Posted by donna on June 14, 2016

runner.pngOur National AGC Conference 2016 took place this year in beautiful Banff Alberta and the theme of the Conference was “Run the Race.”

Here is a portion of what I shared with the delegates and pastors at Conference.

The world is rapidly changing and at times it may seem like the earth beneath our feet is shifting.

I have recently been challenged by the words of Dr. Greg Thompson. Greg is the Executive Director of New City Commons and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia where he is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church. In addition, Greg lectures at the University of Virginia, is a writer and a conference speaker.  Dr. Thompson understands the challenges of our changing Western culture.

Greg motivated me to think of not simply addressing the needs of the culture but to think in terms of how to re-imagine our culture for the sake of the world we live in.

Since the 18th Century of Enlightenment, Western society has drifted until we now live in a shifting culture that is becoming hostile to itself. How then can we live in such a way to bring biblical Kingdom values back into our daily interaction to better our societies?

Dr. Thompson mentions six areas that we as Christians must re-imagine what our culture could and should be in our Western world.

  1. Proclaim the Integrity of the world as the creation of God as opposed to the brokenness of exploitation and abuse. How do we treat the resources of creation?
  2. Proclaim Love as our foundational attitude as opposed to actions based on power. Do we love our neighbours or do we simply use them?
  3. Proclaim Dignity of all peoples as ones made in the image of God as opposed to the dehumanization we see all around us. Do we welcome and treat all people with dignity or do we treat them or some of them with contempt?
  4. Practice the Cultivation of Character as opposed to the celebration of celebrity in our age. Do we want to be admired or to be admirable?
  5. Pursue the Reality of Friendship as opposed to exclusiveness and violence. Are we friendly and welcoming or do we hold others at a distance?
  6. Principle of the Common as opposed to the age of autonomy and individualism. Is it all about me or is it about us?

I want to thank Greg for his insights. I trust that these simple, yet profound, re-imaginings will, with the blessing and favour of God, change our world as we Run the Race for His glory!

Willem Fietje
AGC President