Summer Rest

Posted by donna on August 2, 2016

summer rest.jpgHow has your summer been unfolding?  Were you able to get away? Are you taking time to refresh, refocus and relax or are you just fooling yourself by thinking you don’t need it?

I struggled with this issue when Lois and I were overseas.  I remember a saying that was around back then that went something like this … “we need to come a-part before we come apart!” Kind of cheesy you might think, but there’s a lot of truth imbedded in it.

Twice, during the years that we lived and worked in Thailand, among highly resistant Buddhist people groups, I came to a place where I was literally falling apart. There was far too much heat, too much conflict, too little sleep and way too much frantic activity.  On top of all that, I didn’t seem to have the smarts to figure it out at the time.  The end result was that I imploded on the inside, while by all appearances, I was able to maintain a reasonable degree of superficial veneer on the outside.   I may have passed as a poster model “missionary-man” … but I was reaching the point of exhaustion.

Fortunately, I had a wise mate and an amazing doctor who saw through all the pretense.  I was able to take time away that I so desperately needed. The lesson was one that I will never forget.

I have come to realize that “working in the flesh” is actually sinful and eventually leads to less ministry effectiveness, while exacting a huge toll, both physically and emotionally.  I repented of the presence of the frenetic in my life and am now much better at taking time away. Not perfect, but better.

My prayer for each of you is that you will take time to come away like Jesus modeled.  If the Son of God needed a break, then we do as well.

Enjoy your summer rest.


Willem Fietje,

AGC President

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