UNITY in Jesus

Posted by donna on September 2, 2015

Capture.PNGRecently, I heard Charles Swindoll make a brilliant statement. He said 'our intention isn't to be a 1st Century Church ... but to be a 21st Century Church with1st Century principles." I really like that statement. Our churches need to be relevant to our culture while maintaining our desire to be immersed in the truth of Scripture.


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The early Church grew exponentially. The earliest days saw thousands respond to the movement of the Spirit of God. Yet, one characteristic that we sometimes fail to grasp is UNITY. UNITY was one of the major keys to the growth of the early Church.

The early Christians faced all kinds of challenges that could have divided them, yet they were of one heart, one mind and one purpose. Their mantra was "eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace ... one Body, one Hope, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father.” (Eph 4:3-6)

UNITY is not uniformity (one look), nor is it unanimity (one opinion), but it is a UNITY in community. The key idea is simply this; they were united in a Person. That one Person was Jesus Christ.

That is what makes a healthy growing ministry. UNITY in Jesus.



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