To What End? Part 2

Posted by donna on September 4, 2018

lincoln.jpgI laugh every time I read this quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” You cannot turn on the news, internet, or social media without being bombarded with the term “fake news.” How do we evaluate what is being reported as true? As Christians, we are called to biblical truth. Unfortunately, the concept of truth is changing and often becomes whatever people want it to be in the new world of relativism. We need biblical wisdom to engage our world with both the hope and the truth of the Gospel.


DOCTRINE & CREDENTIALS / THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION:  While this is not a new END for us in the AGC, Doctrine & Credentials is being expanded to include Theological Reflection. Why is this necessary? We live in an ever-changing cultural context where truth is being re-evaluated and re-defined based on emerging or changing cultural values and ever popular political correctness. To be fair, biblical truth has always been seen in light of its context or cultural understanding.  Scripture tells us that through the cross, that propitiatory sacrifice and forgiveness in Christ, our sins, though they were like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool (Isaiah 1:18).   We understand “white” to be symbolic of purity, clean, unspoiled.  Scripture truth needs to be our filter, our grid through which everything else is evaluated and understood.

Doctrine & Credentials continues to evaluate and affirm those called to ministry with the AGC, and reviews biblical preparedness and readiness for those entering ministry. Theological reflection seeks to give a biblical response to current issues which the AGC is facing in light of cultural un-truth or confusion. An example of this would be our positional paper on Human Sexuality. There will be other issues that challenge biblical truth where we need to reflect the truth of Scripture. Theological reflection should challenge us to think beyond our current cultural context and look at biblical truth applied in a relevant and loving way that results in others seeing and coming to Jesus. At the same time, it clarifies where we stand as an Association of like-minded churches, it does not compromise biblical truth.  It may not always be the popular position, but then again, we’re not called to be popular.  We are called to be change agents by loving others as Jesus loved us and welcoming them into our community, a community of biblical truth that leads to freedom, forgiveness, and eternal life.

In John 8:32 Jesus said, “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Theological reflection is something we want to be intentionally doing so that we know the truth in a world of increasing relativism and share that truth with others that they might come to know and experience the truth of the Gospel in relationship with Jesus.

May the Lord give each of us wisdom to see biblical truth in the fog of an ever-changing world!

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