To What End? Part 3

Posted by donna on October 2, 2018

church reproduction.jpgI love being a grandfather, albeit a very young one, at least in my mind! I’m “Papa” to three beautiful little girls, Ava, Audrey & Elia, and we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first grandson at the end of October! Before I was Papa, I was “Daddy” to three very special little girls who grew up far too quickly. Yet, before I was Daddy, I was and hope I still am, “honey” to a very special lady.  This in a sense describes what church reproduction is all about. The natural outcome of a loving and nurturing relationship is children … biological, adopted or even those specially cared for and included as members of the family. My girls saw and experienced our love as parents, our commitment to the Lord and in some way, it set a model for them to follow with their own families. Yes, there were many bumps along the way, as no family is perfect.

I often hear the question; Does the AGC plant churches, or do churches plant churches? I believe it should be the missional activity of each local church to multiply itself in a new community of faith, like parents having, loving and caring for children and eventually, perhaps grandchildren.

There is a South American fable called The Charcoal Seller that goes something like this; “A charcoal seller was asked; What do you believe? I believe what the Church believes, he responded. And what does the Church believe? It believes what I believe.” I recently googled “church reproduction.” There were immediately 34,100,000 results! It’s a popular topic. And like the fable of the charcoal seller, many would say that they have a value for church reproduction without being able to define or describe what it is. There are many definitions and good ideas. But what does it mean for us in the AGC? The third END that I want to focus on this month is CHURCH REPRODUCTION.

The activity of Church Reproduction in the AGC as a strategic END is to provide resources and help to local churches as they launch initiatives that result in new communities of faith. You can do it and we want to help!

Whether you call it church reproduction, church multiplication or just good old church planting, there are some common indicators we look for in developing new church reproduction initiatives;

  1. Distinct, called and approved leadership (commissioned to lead the new work)
  2. Distinct ministry focus and specific target audience (cultural niche, distinct from mother church)
  3. Distinct On-site or Off-site gathering (not over-flow service, could be traditional daughter plant, multi-site, campus model or home church)

The key to successful church reproduction is not just the ability to remain fluid in adapting to an ever-changing ministry environment.  The key lies in the ability to develop a loving and nurturing environment in which others see and experience a love for the unreached, a concern for those in need and a willingness to engage to see lives changed and transformed by the Gospel. Why is Church Reproduction a strategic END in the AGC? It’s not about starting new churches or even trying to increase the number of current churches. It’s about winning people to Jesus. It’s about discipling new believers to become disciple-makers. It’s about launching the called to reach the unreached.

Happy parenting and grandparenting!     

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Bill Allan
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