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Calvary Gospel Church, Beamsville, ON

June 8, 2017

CalvaryLogo2.pngLooking for: Senior Pastor

The Mission of Calvary Gospel Church is to love God and people in ways that would see lives transformed for His Glory.          
Matthew 28:19, 20,   Matthew 22:37-39


The Senior Pastor will guide the congregation to fulfill its mission and purpose by providing primary leadership in the areas of preaching, teaching, worship, prayer and pastoral care and will provide spiritual oversight, vision and leadership in the development of a healthy growing church. The senior pastor will provide spiritual, pastoral and administrative leadership for the congregation within the framework of AGC church policy and will work in conjunction with church leadership as a whole in keeping with the stated purpose, mission and vision of Calvary Gospel Church.

The successful individual should have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and shall fulfill the responsibilities of leader in the spirit of 1 Timothy 3: 2-7, 1 Peter 5: 1-4, and is expected to live within the doctrinal beliefs of the Associated Gospel Churches.


A. Preaching, Teaching and Worship

1. Prepare and preach sermons that are gospel-centered, encompassing the whole counsel of God in scripture.

a) Sermons will seek to clarify the original meaning of the text and its application to our lives
b) Sermons are to move people towards the worship of God, love of neighbour, and living as faithful witnesses to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
c) Include exhortations to obedience and wise living from the Word (that can be understood by various levels of spiritual maturity).

2. Provide leadership in the teaching ministry of the church.

3. Provide leadership of corporate worship and prayer.

B. Pastoral Care

1. Shepherd the people of the church and provide pastoral care (1 Peter 5: 2-4).

2. Keep leadership informed and updated regarding pastoral concerns, visitor and member status.

3. Work closely with elders in the coordination of pastoral care.

4. Provide initial pastoral counseling for congregrants.

5. Exercise hospitality by having people of all ages into his home, setting an example for the congregation.

6.  Make every effort to make visitation a priority in your ministry.

C. Administration

1. Work with other members of the leadership to assist in the accomplishment of the church's mission through evaluation, discernment, decision making, planning and overall direction of church staff.

2. Responsible for keeping the church's purpose and vision before the congregation.

3. Show active involvement in the AGC including faithful attendance at regular meetings and regional conferences.

D. Spiritual/Professional Development

1. Conduct regular study beyond that of sermon and teaching preparation.

2. Maintain an active prayer / devotional / study life.

3. Continue developing professional and/or theological skills.

4. Receive regular evaluation of his overall ministry from elders & congregation.

E. Qualifications and Requirements

1. A man with an authentic informed and gracious commitment to the faith as it is expressed in the Bible and summarized in our articles of faith and doctrine, mission and policies of Calvary and of the Associated Gospel Churches, having achieved appropriate Doctrine and Credentials approval.

2. A man who seeks to encourage and develop effective leadership/discipleship in all areas of ministry that supports a healthy, long-term growth of the church.

3. A man who is an engaging and effective preacher.

4. A man with a shepherd's heart and gifts, who clearly and genuinely loves people.

5. A man with a heart and concern for the lost and needy, both at home and abroad.

6. A man whose wife is fully supportive of her husband in his calling as a Pastor, and who is clearly supportive of him becoming the Lead Pastor of Calvary.

7. Graduate of an accredited Bible College or seminary.

9. Ordained or ordainable, within the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada.

10. Minimum of 10 years of Senior or Lead Pastoral experience desired.

Our Understanding of  “PASTOR” and Organizational Fellowship

We understand our Lead Pastor to be an Elder, giving leadership in a team of elected elders, who together with the full board lead the church following Biblical directives. The Pastor will be accountable to the Elders, and then through the elders to the congregation of Calvary. He will report on an ongoing basis to the elders and annually to the congregation.

All Pastoral Support Staff will be responsible to the Lead Pastor on a day to day basis.


Salary, Benefits and Vacation are Outlined Separately.

Interested parties should send their cover letter and resume to searchcommittee@calvarygospel.ca,

Please include links or attachments for at least 5 sermons you have delivered. 
Church Profile & Values Statement will be provided upon request.      

NOTE: If you are not already accredited with the AGC, please see http://www.agcofcanada.com/ministry-opportunities/ for how to apply.