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Lakeshore Community Fellowship, Sutton, ON

November 15, 2017

Looking for: Pastor

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to loving GOD, loving others, preaching the gospel & making disciples.

We at Lakeshore are a small community of believers that believe we are all called to serve God with the gifts he has bestowed on us and cultivated in us. We believe that we are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our community and to express the love of Christ to them in practical ways in an effort to show to them how much God loves them.

 We are looking for a pastor who shares this vision for his community and has the passion to love, encourage, edify and teach the members of our church how they can best reach this goal.

We are looking for a man to help lead us (along with the lay leadership) in discipling our members through preaching on Sunday mornings, engaging with the community, setting an example with outreach and evangelism with the goal of reaching the lost for Christ. We understand that he cannot accomplish this himself but with the help of the Holy Spirit and our congregation, we could accomplish this together.

We believe that the man God brings to us will have a heart for pastoring the members and leadership, and that his leadership, like that of Jesus with his disciples will be demonstrated in his service to the congregation, leadership and our community. Leadership to us is founded in a servant’s heart and expressed in a Christlike grace toward the community. We understand that we all make mistakes but Christs redeeming grace is sufficient for us all. We are not looking for a perfect man but a man that loves God with all his heart, admits when he has made a mistake and seeks to set an example to the church of how a man of God handles his own failures.

We live in a digital age where information is available to us all at an incredible pace but also ideas are constantly changing at an alarming rate. We are looking for a man who can navigate this reality while holding onto strong foundational values set out in scripture. The ability to engage people in a digital age and share the gospel in a meaningful way is a constantly moving target. We hope together to be able to engage people where they are and lead them to a saving knowledge of Christ.

We are a small church of between 25-30 including children, youth, elderly and families. We believe Sunday is for the edification of the body of believers and the corporate worship of God. Our services reflect all of these realities. They consist of Preaching the gospel, reading of scripture, a time of prayer, an opportunity to praise, and a time of fellowship. We believe in participation over perfection.

The position of pastor at present will be part time in the beginning with the hope that God will allow it to grow into a full-time position.

Sutton is a dark place to minister, there is a collection of churches in the town but few preach the Gospel regularly. Spiritual warfare is on the surface in this place with wiccan groups actively praying for our demise. Evangelical churches have not faired well here for long, in local Georgina there have been numerous failures by pastors in evangelical churches over the years and there seems to be hesitation from the churches to work together. We would like for the man that comes to attempt to foster these relationships with other believing pastors to help to unify the body of Christ across denominational lines.

We look forward to seeing who GOD has for us here in Sutton. May GOD bless all of you who have taken the time to prayerfully consider if this is where GOD would have you serve. We pray that you discover where GOD’s plans will take you next.

Interested applicants please send resume and cover letter to lcfsutton@gmail.com.