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Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa, ON

November 8, 2018

The Metropolitan Bible Church (www.metbiblechurch.ca) has been a lighthouse for 85 years training ambassadors who are growing more like Christ and guiding more to Christ in the nation's capital and the nations of the world. While our congregation of 2,000 worships together there are an additional 300+ kids in our children's ministries.  We are currently looking to fill the following ministry positions:



The Pastor of Outreach for the Metropolitan Bible Church (www.metbiblechurch.ca) provides overall direction and implementation of a Bible-driven, gospel-centered evangelism ministry through The Met to the marketplace and the public square.  He also provides leadership and oversight of the development of personal and corporate evangelism in a culturally relevant and engaging manner.  The Pastor demonstrates flexibility to lead other ministry areas as well. 

Send resume along with cover letter as well as requests for position description to employment@metbiblechurch.ca



The Metropolitan Bible Church (www.metbiblechurch.ca) in Ottawa, Canada, is excited about its new 1-year internship program. We are looking for young people who have completed an undergraduate degree, who are willing to give us a year with them, to provide teaching and practical skills, to help them assess the Lord’s calling on their lives to further ministry studies. We recognize the need for strong Bible teachers in Canada and we want to invest in young people with appropriate gifts for ministry. Interns will be required to raise some funding to be used towards their remuneration. The internships will be for a year with the possibility of an extension based on a performance evaluation. Interns will likely have the opportunity to be involved in different areas of ministry during their tenure. For more information please contact employment@metbiblechurch.ca.



The Met is looking a pastor to oversee ministry to seniors in our congregation. Above all, he is a gifted Bible teacher who will provide regular teaching to seniors. He will be a discipler of others who will continually raise up and invest in a leadership team for the seniors ministry. He will provide pastoral oversight to this large and significant population on a part-time basis. He will demonstrate a desire and practical plan to help seniors grow in their faith through several discipleship initiatives. He will come alongside people in the seniors group to assist and support in their efforts to serve one another in The Met body. He will provide support through his familiarity with end of life issues, walking families through sickness, death and grief. He will have the ability to help families create meaningful funerals/memorials while collaborating with the METCare pastor. He works with the METCare pastor and the deacons ministry to engage with our seniors through visitation and prayer.  

To apply for this position, email resume along with a cover letter to employment@metbiblechurch.ca.


The Met is looking for a Hospitality Coordinator to oversee the hospitality ministry by providing food services, modeling the gift of hospitality and mentor others in developing that gift, through a volunteer team for events of different sizes.  The Hospitality Coordinator is an excellent cook (with professional experience in commercial catering), and an excellent administrator, who loves working with teams of volunteers to deliver a high quality level of hospitality on an as required basis.

To apply for this position, email resume along with a cover letter to employment@metbiblechurch.ca