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Capture.PNGWe do all we can to be a movement of healthy reproducing churches across Canada.   Where does health come from? We all know it is not found in programs and budgets. We know it is found through the power of the Lord. The power is in the gospel which is able to transform lives. Yet, seemingly we see so little real transformational life in the church today. I hope it is coming; but it is not fully evident just yet.

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Welcome Two Hills Fellowship Chapel!

Posted by donna on February 8, 2016

Capture.PNGWe welcome Two Hills Fellowship Chapel into membership in the AGC! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016 marked the service of celebration as Canada West Superintendent Russ Wilson welcomed the newest AGC congregation in Two Hills, AB.  Russ and One Hope Executive Director Bill McCaskell were thrilled to see this take place as a result of a new ministry partnership between the AGC and One Hope Canada.  

Russ and Bill are pictured here celebrating with Pastor Warren & Ellen Charlton and their church board.  

Bill's Blog: Love, Holiness and Heaven

Posted by donna on February 2, 2016

Capture.PNGFor many, the month of February is the coldest and bleakest of the year. Some of us desire to escape the cold and head south. For many, it is a month to be endured; after all spring is only three months away. Depressing isn't it?

Yet, for all the so called misery we Canadians face, we still love this country and this planet. In fact, we may love it too much.

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Bill's Blog: A Passion for the Project

Posted by donna on December 30, 2015

Bill 14.JPGAs we enter a whole new year of opportunities with the demands that will come, President Bill Fietje encourages us all to keep our eye on ... the Big Picture; the Main Thing; the Driving Passion; the Compelling Vision.

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Christmas Greetings from the AGC!

Posted by donna on December 18, 2015

Christmas letter 2015.jpgPlease click the image to the left for Christmas greetings from our AGC staff team.

Bill's Blog: Christmas Gifts

Posted by donna on December 1, 2015

Capture.PNGChristmas gift giving... to splurge or not to splurge?  President Bill Fietje has some thoughts to share on the topic.

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aééq-agcq 2015 11 14 C.jpg“Wonderful!” was one of the comments heard following the November AGC Quebec Saturday morning meeting in November! With over 30 delegates representing 17 churches the group which represented Spanish, Haitian, English and French churches unanimously approved the new by-laws for Quebec.

Bill's Blog: Deeper and Wider

Posted by donna on November 5, 2015

Bill 14.JPGRead President Bill's Fietje's most recent blog, calling us all to live out our faith in ways that are deeper and wider. 

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New Pastor welcomed in Lillooet, BC

Posted by donna on October 21, 2015

BNaylor induction 1.jpgThis past weekend, Lillooet Gospel Chapel celebrated the induction service for their new pastor, Rev. Brad Naylor and wife Darlene.  Brad’s father-in-law, Rev. George Baier, preached a word of encouragement and challenge to all in attendance.  Rev. Russ Wilson, AGC West Superintendent, led Brad and the congregation in response to the call to serve Christ together.  This was followed by elders, pastors, and AGC leaders who were present laying hands of blessing upon Brad and Darlene, committing them to God’s keeping in His service.

On Target Assessment Tools

Posted by donna on October 6, 2015

On Target logo.PNGHealthy Pastors and Healthy Churches Assessment Forms

Here are the two assessment forms designed by AGC pastors, for AGC pastors. Please use these often to assess how you are doing personally as well as how your church is doing corporately.

Healthy Pastors: An assessment tool to help pastors evaluate their personal, marital, ministerial and missional health

Healthy Churches: An assessment tool to help pastors and leaders to evaluate the health of their church