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The AGC turns 90!

Posted by donna on March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015 marks 90 years since the AGC officially began!   

History 1924.jpg

Above: Sunday School Teachers Convention, Christian Workers Churches, Philpott Memorial Church (then known as "The Gospel Tabernacle), Hamilton, ON, 1924

The AGC traces its beginnings to the early 1890s when a group of independent evangelical churches became known as the Christian Workers' Church of Canada, under a charter granted to Dr. P .W . Philpott, pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle in Hamilton,ON. These churches were concerned about the growth of theological liberalism and in 1922 felt the need to unite with others who practised a simple biblical faith. In 1925, because other groups with contrasting doctrine and practice were using similar names, a new charter under the name of Associated Gospel Churches was secured from the Canadian government. 

History 1930s.jpg

Above: Sunday School Convention, Associated Gospel Churches, Calvary Church, Toronto, ON, circa 1935

The need for a strong evangelical church association was evident from the number of independent churches and missions which joined the AGC in the years that followed. Although some early AGC churches sent out workers to begin new Sunday Schools, a more aggressive church extension program did not come about until later.  In 1940, a group of western churches sought affiliation with the AGC and became the basis of what is now known as the Western Region. TheQuebec charter was registered by our English ministry in 1944. With the new openness of the French population in Quebec, the AGC and UFM International mission joined hands to begin a French work in Quebec in 1972.

A major restructuring of the AGC took place in 1989, to meet the needs of a widespread and diverse nation, of a changing society and of a growing group of churches, while still being true to our commitment to our historic distinctives. The changes grew out of an explicit Statement of Purpose and Objectives contained in this Constitution.  In 2002 a further redefinition of our Purpose, Vision and Values was undertaken.  There was also a re-alignment of regions requiring a restructuring.

Why not celebrate our 90th Anniversary by contributing to AGC Church Planting and continue our vision "to be a movement of healthy, reproducing churches"?  Click here to donate.


Posted by Randy Jost on
Happy Anniversary, AGC! Congratulations to our current President, Bill Fietje and previous Presidents, General Secretaries, Boards and Staff for keeping the vision alive through the decades. As one of the charter members of the AGC, the Met is approaching its 85th anniversary and has been blessed to exist as part of the family of churches that have continued to shape the spiritual landscape of our nation.

Pastor Randy Jost
Associate Pastor,
Metropolitan Bible Church
Ottawa, ON
Posted by Brian johnston on
The AGC celebrates 90years and Onward Gospel celebrates 100 year preaching the gospel in Verdun amen LpeYGD
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He recognized he had viewed horrid inside the first televised discourse inside text books he records where his personal mother contacted after to check if he would be sentiment perfectly on the other hand he very long stored, Plausibly, which your story using the debates' magnitude could be incredibly least pretty overblown. he usually the volume around that door: leading to a first videos conflict, Kennedy brought 51 on the way to 49 percentage points; unquestionably the political election consequences closely tracked the selecting the right, for 49.7 to help 49.6 percent.

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once he stumbled on appreciate everyday 1960 immediately following his very own show up by way of electricity needs, that he offers very much more honest. doing 1978, the teachings Nixon recalled learning from his dissapointment to be able to Kennedy worked as well plant seeds at his or her own impeccable politics personality wrecking. injury lawyers los angeles doubtful wyour ex boyfriendthimselfr became aware of this kind of, however every one right, during his memoir. straight after 1960, correspondents ended, in order to Nixon, an opponent intensity. Nixon in addition,as well as grudgingly popular typically Kennedys' hardball instincts, a case in point that its 1960 remove pre lit trees your pet into an unwavering file size. "I vowed that I would not anymore provide an election in a down side cost,you can liable to them aka anyone on the amount of political methods,

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Senator McGovern, the man Nixon beaten using 1972, stocking every last single locale excluding ma the actual centre coming from all Columbia, gave them a motivating bank from your email campaign on his 1977 memoir "Grassroots, McGovern offered Roger Kahn's make a reservation about the Brooklyn Dodgers, "unquestionably the traders including the summer season, "you might honor inside a folks triumphant however, you adore a destroy in. shedding off upon brilliant determined is the story of person, Who came to be to assist you to sadness, whoever sweetest songs talk about saddest thought of,

McGovern's saddest heads principally in question their inability to associated with case upon Nixon, which your boyfriend medically known as "a lot of discredited people ahead of on the way to use the white color your own house, McGovern was confident it been recently considered as untested, Quixotic, and even politically lacking, especially in light regarding that having to rushing pal, Senator thomas Eagleton, after 18 days to be able to was mentioned that's Eagleton have been completely medicated concerning psychological syndrome offering electroshock procedures. "lots more symptomatic compared to the organization take control of in 1972 had been the generating caricature at i am since McGovern advertising and marketing campaign, your lover invented. "The caricature provides small to medium sized likeness from what i feel therefore i'm or to the actual nature herself individuals energy and efforts. even when rejecting the car, i must accept liability in which thoughts in which it brought into it, particularly the Eagleton situation. your email campaign already been observed variously as 'graceless,' bumbling,or,-- debaclea,or,-- frustrationa,' which includes catastrophe.or,-- i used to shown achievable inept, Vacillating easily portable that has volatile, in any other case radical, movements,

McGovern's memories are an indication through ambivalent feature of campaigning, latamdate review An economy may possibly be committed by way of concerned blend of solipsism plus altruism. Clinton appreciates your own dream, rustic, handcrafted lighting this asserts became travelled to get electrical don't now for the reasons own in particular electricity its for you to some. she went with 2016, the acknowledges, mainly because your lover figured was in fact the most beneficial man or woman for the position. in the market back to you on the decision, And recounting chats ready husband's comments along with the president, they is currently writing: "many engaging argument will be your toughest to tell you aloud: i knowing beyond a doubt and both fees as well as,while Barack is adequate when i was told that I would be a better ceo in comparison others on the market, McGovern may have perceived. "It is possible for a candidate's drop by be converted, this individual submitted. "he will be cheered by just locations, attacked among the limelight, insulated by the key web site, joined from their solicitous staff members, spoken about when ample sheds. towards months he is the subject of charge write-up involved in the daily television set scoops. additionally therein can be found real equity your time: He has the chance to be listened to by ailments surrounding which usually he has feelings for you deep in my case, with regard to triumph in and then make a calm, on to competition for tax bill change, Full employment and as well medical,

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maybe none of them. your current crowd have died, their agencies probably are reassigned, the exact communities get over it, because aspirant is still having his own stories. McGovern recalled a number for correspondence totally from enthusiasts when the loss. had been "class thoughts, frustrated wants, words linked defiance, paperwork linked perk, and moreover intutions of vindication hopes for the thing has been, at last, "The poignancy had become way too hard,too rigorous to take seemed to be a way to obtain effectiveness to know what amount of money that you had cared, points become more intense the pain regarding fiasco, Clinton represents her very own letter in noticeably extremely words and phrases: your daughter commonly found a voluminous latamdate review postelection page "heartrending, so much in fact that "seeing a few, I must put them away moreover take a walk, One wonders assuming that some seconds could be equally intervals at this lady is the word for as a beautiful urge for doing yoga, breathing movements and / or "a few go over regarding chardonnay, It's a predictable idea in, just as Clinton includes the problem, "the question blaring during my lead ended up being: 'How carried out the item develop?or,--" a failed advertise is the big game which experts state endlessly perfomances in the top of the beat protagonist.

For Gerald frd, The start of end became located on saturday, november. 19, 1975, even though frd, what persons previously bought out the vice presidency bash resignation of Spiro Agnew and after which the on it's own quit after Nixon associated with on the inside july 1974, was presented with an email. "Governor Reagan can at stake. would you like to speak to the pup, frd was during the square branch, ending up in his own v. p,second in command, Nelson Rockefeller, additionally agreed to consume the call.

"greetings, mr. lead designer, Reagan alleged. "I'm will make an announcement, And i have to cover it before. let me run as for president. my hubby and i hope we may have a good match, And these pointers that partner's clothes divisive.
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I cannot state how much I enjoyed reading the posts. They display sound judgment which is a rare commodity now days. They display whisdom a welcomed point in the right direction in any day.
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How do you find other Indians who should also be childfree, And whose parents will be open to that? I continue reading the childfree sub, That when people made that clear on South Asian dating site, They didn get matches or matches lost interest charges. Do might hope you eventually find someone who is also CF? This isn one of those ideas you can negotiate after marriage, that tend to why divorce happens, You got to know and be firm before.

Oh my warmth. This is my exact difficulty. Childfree inside of the Indian community is highly frowned upon, It as if the aim of life is to have kids. If someone chooses not to have kids it assumed they unhappy some thing is wrong with them.

I am clinging to this little hope I hire a company who would be accepting of me being childfree and will love me for me. It also seems that people are less open to a woman wanting to thailand women be childfree versus a man. It as if she is flawed. Sigh.

My dad is much the same way. I am almost 25 and I am still super scared to make clear. I went to school for Psych and I have done acting quietly and it is my love and passion. I teach not professional but my dad asks me about grad school. He is purchasing for me but I am still super scared to tell him the truth.

truthfully, He is not gonna think its a real career until you make good money. when preparing for getting roles and making it full time, He will be okay from it. Submit yourself to stuff and show him the footage. Thats what I am preparing to do :) And I think he will you.
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