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Be a Life-Long Learner

Posted by donna on July 9, 2013

The AGC has a core value of lifelong learning. Through our Church Health and Leadership Commission we aim to encourage, challenge and resource every leader to keep growing.

It is often said that people can only grow to the level of the leadership they follow.  This is true of a church as well.

How do we grow in ways that enrich others? By striving to be like the ones we ourselves follow. How do we do this?

It is summer time and we may be tempted to just chill out. But be careful.

  • Use the time wisely by practicing spiritual and life transforming exercises.
  • O.J. Saunders in his book Spiritual Disciplines talks about the Pastor’s need to read widely and read deeply.

I challenge you to read as follows:

  1. Read the words of Jesus as recorded in the gospel narratives. Mediate on them. Pray though the words of Jesus.  Make His words your words.  Begin to live in the power of the words of Jesus in the gospels.  His love, His grace, His wisdom, His obedience, His power will become alive in us.
  2. Read Christian biographies. Warren Wiersbe calls this “walking with giants”. Pick up biographies of people that you already admire. I have a whole shelf full myself.  Spurgeon, Moody, Knox, Carey, Taylor, Whyte, McCheyne, Whitefield, Wesley, Calvin, Augustine etc , ... as we walk with these giants we will grow to expect from God what these people of the past experienced from Him.
  3. Lastly, choose just one heavier book on growing in spiritual disciplines. Work through some of Jonathan Edwards, Tim Keller, Dallas Willard, A.W. Tozer, Henri Nouwen.  Gain their insights and let your heart and mind soar.

The challenge for each of us is to be the leader that others want to follow. As we grow, so will others around us.


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