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Origins and Redemption - new book by Dr. Frank Humphrey

Posted by donna on July 4, 2013

Origins__Redemption.jpgIn Origins and Redemption, Dr. Frank Humphrey discusses the creation-evolution issue across a wide range of scientific disciplines. Each area is well-researched and extensive references enable the reader to pursue additional research in areas of particular interest.

After all this, he applies the same analytic rigour to the historicity of the resurrection and, therefore, to our redemption that is found in Jesus Christ.

Copies of the book may be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Frank was the Senior Pastor of The Peoples Church of Montreal, until his illness forced him to step down. He is also a former lecturer in Old Testament Studies in the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Montréal, Acadia University. In the summer of 2005 he was diagnosed as having A.L.S. and is grateful to God for the saving and sustaining grace he has experienced through Jesus Christ.

Frank sent greetings to our AGC National Conference in June 2012, and all who viewed it were deeply moved by Frank's faith and love for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Click here to view.


Posted by Ron M. Sprentz on
Frank, you may not remember me but I was looking through my 1976 C.T.C. Yearbook today as I attend The Rock Church Saskatoon where a fellow member Murray Graham attends. I was curious if I could see you on the internet and was swept with mixed emotions as I saw the struggles with ALS you have had as well as the present debate re: euthanasia in Quebec. I was so moved by your one Youtube testimony and would like to reconnect with you somehow. I will send 2 pictures of ourselves(can't send via this email due to storage size) as a reminder of those days many years ago. I want to say how much we enjoyed visiting with you and I think your mother in 1976 in I believe Westmount Montreal. I always considered you one of the smartest guys I knew and wondered why you hung around with such an "intellectual lightweight" like myself. Anyway, I am on Facebook, and we can connect that way or just via email, whatever you like brother.


Ron Sprentz
Posted by Claude Barry on
Dear Frank and members of Peoples Church:
It is with great joy that we see this new book you have just released, a topic that is of great interest to me. We will purchase it for sure, several copies. We remember you fondly and the church where Cindy and I met 25 years ago (just celebrated silver wedding ann.) We still live in Regina with our 4 grown-up children. We are praying for you that you will remain strong as long as the Lord gives you breath and that you will continue to glorify Him by your amazing testimony.
P. S. I now work in Real Estate with my boss, Lyle Buddecke! It's been a 30-year close friendship that keeps blossoming. It's a real joy to work together. Cheryl is planning to enter the profession as well this year.
God's blessings!
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