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Regional Conference Wrap-up

Posted by admin on August 9, 2011

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Dear Team,

It is summer time and hopefully we are all getting opportunities to catch some down time.

For the AGC the last event of spring each year is our Regional Conferences.  Attendees at both conferences were heard to say "fantastic", “best ever", "over way too fast", and "I reconnected!" I fully agree!

Lois was able to join me for the Canada West Region, June 3rd to June 5th Conference. Pastors Tim Nicholson and Andrew Ruten, and the people of Saskatoon’s Calvary Church, were wonderful hosts to pastors, spouses and delegates. About 60 ministry staff came early to fellowship, sing and pray together. Former AGC pastor Rev. Russ Wilson of Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon spoke God’s Word clearly and with joy six times over the weekend. Teams of younger Canada West leaders and Calvary Church musicians led us in worshipping God through singing. Brian Unger, outgoing Canada West Council Chair, and Randy Jost, AGC National Board moderator, led brief business sessions as we heard reports of God’s work in and through the churches of the AGC. Brian Siewert, director of Faith at Home, Canada reminded us of the need to better enable families in our churches teach the Christian faith to their children in light of Deuteronomy 6. We had a deeply enriching weekend! Thanks guys for the great work!

Sunday evening, June 5th was the beginning of three days of Canada East Regional Conference held once more at Fair Haven’s Conference grounds. With beautiful weather the record breaking number of attendees fully enjoyed the beauty of Gods handiwork at FHM, one of Canada’s premier family camps.

This year’s theme of re:connect was wonderfully addressed by Pastor Preston Busch, Senior Pastor of Bethany Chapel, Calgary, Alberta. Preston spoke on reconnecting with God, with His word and with each other in unity of service. Not only did Preston touch our spirits with the truth of God’s word he also demonstrated excellent expositional preaching skills. Thank- you Preston.

Each year the worship at Conference is top notch. This year was no different. I wish to say a special thanks to Sarah Klinck and her worship team, Kevin Loten, David Grant, Graham Gladstone and Roger Ganton who represented five different AGC Churches for their sensitive leading into worshipping God from the depths of our hearts. Worship this year set the tone for great preaching.

Thanks to Pat, Donna, Susan, Jim and George and their teams for all the work of putting conference together this year. We are all equipped, refreshed and challenged to serve better. Thanks guys.




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