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Welcome Mount Pleasant Bible Church to the AGC Family!

Posted by donna on October 24, 2013

Mount_Pleasant_1.JPGOn Thanksgiving Sunday, Mount Pleasant Bible Church in Mount Pleasant, ON joined our AGC Family of Churches in a service of celebration led by Canada East Superintendent Glenn Rider.  Rev. Josh Taylor was also inducted as this young church's pastor.  Josh expressed thanks to the AGC family on behalf of the church: 

Dear AGC,
Mount_Pleasant_2.JPGThank you for allowing us to be a part of the AGC family. As a small independent work, we were really struggling. Discouragement was certainly part of our daily experience. Then we met you, a group of Gospel-centered churches who not only understood that small churches struggle, but had a burden to help the struggling work.
Before we ever made a commitment to the AGC, several people within the AGC offered wisdom, advice, and encouragement. As we prayed about becoming part of the AGC family it was clear that we shared a common focus, and purpose: To exalt and glorify God, to disciple the saints, and to share the Gospel with a lost and dying world. 
Before we ever became an AGC church another one of the churches invited us to join them for a joint baptismal service. We had never met the believers from this church before, but they were like old friends in just a matter of minutes, and we rejoiced together as many people were baptized, expressing their desire to follow after Christ.
As we joined the AGC we were able to get more help from the AGC leadership, and develop a battle plan for reaching our community. On top of that another church graciously invited us to instruct us in leadership principles. They welcomed us with open arms, and helped us to really look at becoming godly, and effective leaders. Their hospitality and generosity was sincere and uplifting.
We are small and struggling, seeking the Lord's will to move forward in the Gospel work that we have been called to, but we are not discouraged. We are blessed, we have a family, we have help, and we have hope for the future as we serve the Lord. You have a great thing going, we are so glad to be a part of it.
Mount_Pleasant_3.JPGJosh Taylor - Mount Pleasant Bible Church


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