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Why Did Jesus Come?

Posted by donna on November 30, 2012

Here it is December.  Where does the year go?  What eternal difference did we make in 2012? Did we share our faith in silent and in loud ways?

There is likely no greater time in all the year when we as believers in Christ have massive opportunities to share our faith.

During our overseas missionary days, the growing church would use Christmas not just as a time of celebration but also as a time to evangelize. Schools welcomed us to share what Christmas was all about.  Believers were front and center explaining what Christmas represents. It was often messy.  Starting with St. Nicholas to Santa to Saviour was the progression and it was powerful. The same may be true of Canada. With increasing secularism, we have whole generations who know very little about the meaning of Christmas and the Christ who is the center of the event. This is a great opportunity.

The central question is always, “why did Jesus come to this lonely planet?”  Scripture gives us several reasons, all of which are important for people to grasp: 

  1. Jesus came to fulfill the promises of God to Adam and to Abraham as told through the earliest of prophets.
  2. Jesus came to show the world who God really is and of His overwhelming love for all of mankind.
  3. Jesus came to fulfil the desire and will of God to restore the whole world back to Himself the Creator.
  4. Jesus came to die on the cross in our place to pay the penalty for our sins that separate us from God.
  5. Jesus came to defeat the power of sin and death and to keep us eternally in His power.
  6. Jesus came to declare that all who in faith call upon God will be eternally united with God.
  7. Jesus came to fill us with power to be His witnesses to a waiting world.

May we be faithful in this witness to all who ask us of this hope that we have in Him.

Blessings and Merry Christmas,

Bill Fietje


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