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The AGC is an Association representing over 150 churches, congregations and ministries from coast to coast across Canada.  Our National Staff serves as a support to member churches, pastors and associate staff.

Welcome to our website where you can discover more about the AGC, our staff, history and events.  Explore and discover ways in which we can serve you and your church.

Our Connect 2017 newsletter features stories from various churches across the country testifying to God's refreshing work of revival and renewal. 

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Spending of funds is confined to National Board approved programs and projects. Each contribution designated towards a board approved program or project will be used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by National Board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.

CW 2017 poster.PNGChasingtheLiondates.PNG2017 REGIONAL CONFERENCES

Registration is now open for the
Canada East
Regional Conference!

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Fair Havens Bible Conference, June 5 - 7, 2017

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April 28 - 30, 2017 in Macgregor, MB.

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Eph 2vs8.png"Irresistible Grace...Effectual Call"

For centuries, church theologians, both scholarly and novice, have been in a bitter struggle about the moment and manner of conversion. This doctrine of salvation has divided serious students and orthodox believers into two camps.

Arminians, following the teachings of Jacobus Arminius, believe that every person, having been made in the image of God, can apply faith in their life. Arminians know that salvation is the gracious gift of God to people, but each person must apply their faith, as small as it is, to receive and activate the salvation freely offered and made known through the Holy Spirit. In short, faith precedes regeneration. Followers of John Wesley and all the denominations that come from that camp would hold to this belief. This would include our friends in the Salvation Army, as well as many brands of the more charismatic or Pentecostal denominations.

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Upcoming Events

Canada West Conference 2017

Posted by donna on April 28, 2017

CW 2017 poster.PNGThe Canada West Conference will take place April 28 - 30, 2017 at Westend Community Church in MacGregor, MB.

The Conference reports are now available for download: CW Conference 2017 Reports

The 2017 Canada West Conference Poster is also available.